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Advocating for parents and children involved in the California Juvenile Dependency System since 2012

Headquartered in picturesque Sierra Madre, CA, the Law Offices of Sherwin Amazan, Esq. represent parents and individuals currently involved in the California Juvenile Dependency System. Our firm specializes in all Juvenile Dependency matters, from pre-Court County Social Worker investigations to the return of children to a caretaker’s care and custody all the way to post-trial appeals . Whether you’ve been involved with DCFS before or this is your first time in a Juvenile Dependency Case, attorney Sherwin Amazan has been practicing for almost a decade and understands the pain, confusion, fear, and anguish that typically accompany a Juvenile Dependency case.

Here at Amazan Law, you’re not just a name or a case number, you’re an individual who deserves more than just adequate legal representation, you deserve the best and someone who can answer your questions during this Kafka-esque, labyrinthian process.

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Areas of Practice

JUvenile dependency

It’s the knock on the door everyone prays to never hear, then suddenly, you’re dealing with a judge, lawyers, social workers , and a mysterious system called Juvenile Dependency.

Who can you turn to that can answer your questions and actually cares about you and your family?

That’s where The Law Offices of Sherwin Amazan, Esq. comes in. Here, you’ll be treated as an adult with easy to understand explanations of the process along with a summation of trial strategy, etc.

Just because you’re involved with Juvenile Dependency doesn’t mean that you should be treated as one.

Expect more from your attorney.


Entertainment Law in the City of Angels can be confusing, but it’s important to know that your attorney cares about you and your needs as an artist.

Sherwin Amazan has worked as an assistant at a Beverly Hills talent management company, temped at major agencies as an agent’s assistant, and even worked on-set on an independent film in New York City, so he understands the madness that is "the Business”.

Beyond that, he also understands that Artists are not necessarily like other people and need to be nurtured/shepherded through a confusing process that is vital to their artistic growth and livelihood.

Most recently, Sherwin Amazan clerked at a notable Culver City production company as well as underneath a Beverly Hills entertainment lawyer with 20 years experience as well as negotiating contracts for Clients with major television production companies.


Clients need someone who understands their desires in Family Law matters and somehow who holistically seeks to always achieve the best outcome for his client.

Sherwin Amazan, Esq. is that man. Whether involving a child custody matter or a divorce, Sherwin Amazan will work hard to ensure that this difficult/trying time in your life.

Rest assured that your matter will be handled in a manner that seeks to minimize the impact on your and your family’s life while keeping an eye to the future and lasting impact that these cases often have.


There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of Justice.
— Montesquieu


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